Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday, Lily!

Lily's Birthday was a meaningful day with friends and family. We celebrated with monkey face cupcakes, that Lily still calls "chocolate rice cakes" (actually strawberry cupcakes with chocolate buttercream, fondant and chocolate shortbread ears).

Here she is digging in...

We started the celebration off with a special dedication of Lily to the Lord. Scriptures, memories and thoughts were shared that truly highlighted the bright and joyful spirit that Lily shares with us all. Below, Bart Tarman is offering the charge to us to bring up Lily in the way of Jesus and to those present to encourage and support her.

A joyful occasion, indeed:

Papa Len and Grandy were present to support Lily.

Oma made the long trek from Oregon to be with Lily (and help make sushi and cupcakes!):

Lily was thrilled to celebrate her birthday and dedication with her friend, Summer, with whom she has spent many days playing while Mommy and Daddy are at work.

Happy Birthday, our dear and precious Lily. We love you. Love, Mom and Dad


  1. Happy Birthday, Lily! I'm so glad that three of your grandparents were there with you to share in the joy. I wish Grandma Lynn and I could have been there, too. It's so fun seeing you enjoy your special day. I'm so glad your parents had you dedicated on this day. You are a special girl. We love you so much!


  2. We're laughing as hard as Lily was at the picture of Lily laughing. Price-Less!