Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Laughter, Easter and more!

We are really along for the ride now, as Lily is unstoppable.  We have blocked off the fireplace with 2 chairs and a magazine rack, due to repeated offenses of sticking her hand in the ashes and attempting to put them in her mouth.  The wine rack has been blocked off by 2 chairs, but she is starting to figure out how to crawl under the chairs.  Lily, this is too young to become a wine connoisseur!  None the less, she is tons of fun and we are enjoying her immensely!

This video was taken about a month ago, but I just had to share it with you as it makes me smile :)  She is definitely a movement girl, and loves the swing, as you will see!

We were blessed to have a whole group of friends in town 2 weeks ago.  Our friends, Brad and Carrie, brought their son, Tommy, from Minnesota.  Here he and Lily are enjoying a double stroller ride:

One evening we joined Jon, Megan, and Ivy for dinner, and were able to get a "babies on the couch" shot.  We thought it would be cute to put Tommy, the only boy, in between the two girls.  However, Lily has a strong affinity for Ivy (no offense Tommy, you are pretty darn cute!), as you will see...

There she goes...(while Ivy takes a swipe at Tommy)

Ahhh...next to Ivy again.  Tommy appears happy to be able to spread out, too!  The picture before this one in my camera is of Lily gnawing on Ivy's shoulder.

Last, but not least, Happy Easter!  We hope you all had a wonderful day feasting and celebrating!

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