Monday, February 15, 2010

Beautiful Day for a Picnic

While friends and family around the country are carving walkways through several feet of snow and wearing their warmest wool jackets, we are enjoying our Santa Barbara weather in the 70's.  That is why we pay the prices we pay to live here.  But, hey, we save on clothing costs!  Actually, we do own a snow shovel, so one day when the snow reaches the foothills of Santa Barbara, we will be ready.  For now, I guess Jason can use it to shovel rocks and debris.  Why we didn't leave it in Kansas City, I do not know!

In celebration of this gorgeous day, we decided to head to the Santa Barbara Mission to picnic on its expansive lawn.  While Jason and I nibbled on some cheese, crackers and fruit, Lily travelled around on her belly: rotating, scooching, rolling uphill, and pushing.  We thought you might enjoy some pictures of our little wiggle worm.

All smiles with her Daddy...

Just plain cute!

Doing her airplane pose :)

While it looks like our little photogenic one was holding this pose all afternoon, it only took about 7 shots of her twisting and turning out of the frame of the picture to get this one!  That's the Mission behind us:

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  1. Super cute photos! And I'm so jealous of the weather, you have no idea!! Then again, maybe you do....