Monday, February 22, 2010

Teeth siting!

Yes it's true!  Lily's 2 bottom teeth have risen to the surface and are sharp as can be.  We tried a teething biscuit from Whole Foods today, and she gummed/toothed it up.  It was a nice, gummy mass by the time she dropped it on the floor!  No pictures at this time, since they are hard to see.  We will keep you posted!

Lily is also now an international traveler.  At 8 months of age, Lily crossed the border, and came out with a fiesta dress.  Just wait 'til the 1 year old birthday pictures to see her in all her cuteness!  She continues to make friends wherever we go, such as at the Ensenada fish taco stand when she got a fist-full of the long locks of the girl next to us while I was side-tracked scarfing down the most amazing taco.  Oops! 

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